Silaria's Virtual Grove - About Me

I'm a young at heart thirty-something female. I've been married for 11 years to Swift Fox, my best friend. I work as a systems support specialist and project manager for a major financial instituation in the Pittsburgh region and have earned 2 Masters Degrees, a Managment and Technology degree and Business Administration degree, at Carlow University.

My husband and I own two dogs, Melody, a 16 year old Finish Spiz, and Edan, a 2 year old Shetland Sheepdog. I'm just in the beginning stages of training Edan in Dog Agility.

I've been involved in the Furry Fandom since, roughly, 2001. My fandom character is a Unicorn, a creature I've always been facinated with. I have a large collection of unicorn plush, figurines, and art work. I find the image of a unicorn to be calming and centering. My primary involvement in the fandom is as a puppeteer. I perform mainly at Morphicon, where I am the Puppet Track Head, MidWest FurFest, and the Western PA Furry Weekend.

Thank you for taking some time to learn more about me. If what you've read here interests you, you can follow along with my life on LiveJournal.